Electude is sponsor of the 46TH WorldSkills Competition 2022 in Shanghai, China

May 5, 2022 | Waltham, Massachusetts

Electude is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 46TH WorldSkills Competition 2022, being held in Shanghai, China from October 12-17, 2022. During this four-day competition, approximately 1700 competitors from 63 countries will compete in over 60 different skills. A total of forty countries will compete in Automobile Technology for the world title of Best Automotive Technician.

The Automobile Technology competition will test each competitor’s skills and knowledge through eight two-hours modules, over 4 days. Each module is based on different areas of the repair and diagnostics of light vehicles. Participants will have a maximum of two hours at each workstation, each equipped with a specially prepared vehicle or simulator.

Electude has been asked to develop specific tasks and testing assignments for the Body Electrical and Electric Vehicle (EV) portions of the competition. For the first time in an international skills competition, WorldSkills will be using integrated software which will minimize the possibility of human error and allow for more accurate and consistent marking. The software can also be translated into all competitor languages making the competition that much more accessible and minimizing the need for interpreters.

Electude has incorporated into its learning management system (LMS) the ability to perform objective and automated measurements of competitor performance. This performance becomes visible at the push of a button and is subsequently entered into the WorldSkills rating system. This has allowed the assessment of each competitor to be consistent and reliable. This is critical when dealing with the best students in each country and determining the best technician in the world. Says Grant Petch, Skills Competition Manager for Automobile Technologies: “The LMS system developed by Electude is the way of the future and will become a regular part of education and Skills competition.”

Electude has also partnered with training hardware developers and fellow WorldSkills sponsor, ConsuLab, to develop their assignments and include the LMS in two other testing modules, Electrical Network and Braking systems.

WordSkills is a worldwide program with a mission to inspire young people to develop a passion for skills through competition. Electude has been involved in WorldSkills competitions worldwide since 2014. Up until this year, they have provided testing software, judging, and exhibition support from regional competitions in the US to competitions on a national scale in the UK, US, and Spain. 2022 marks the first time Electude will add sponsoring a WorldSkills Competition to that list.

“Electude has always valued our relationship with WorldSkills. We are honored to have been chosen as a sponsor of WorldSkills Shanghai and look forward to many more years of involvement with this great organization.” – Thomas Snyder, Chief Commercial Officer.

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