Electude’s advanced teaching methods for trade schools featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

April 29, 2016 | Los Angeles, CA

Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland announces an exclusive interview with Electude, the world’s leading automotive repair distance learning company. In this exciting feature story, Thomas Snyder, President of Electude, shares the company’s new advanced simulation-based e- learning modules. By drawing inspiration from the multi-billion dollar video game industry, Electude has developed its revolutionary kinesthetic approach to learning that appeals to the learner’s visual and spatial senses.

Snyder says “students need a comprehensive visual-spatial understanding of the technologies they will be working with so that they can keep their skills relevant as innovation continues to change the shape of technology.”

The traditional model of learning is didactic. Students are expected to listen, read and remember information based on abstract and symbolic representations of real- world concepts. But not every learner is suited to absorb information in that manner.

Many people, particularly those who are attracted to automotive repair and other mechanical trades, prefer to learn with their eyes and their hands in a realistic environment. Doing so stimulates the learner’s interest, and their natural aptitude, in a way that accelerates and enhances learning. Additionally, for these kinesthetic learners, it also makes the classroom a much more desirable place.

The Benefits of Kinesthetic Learning

Electude’s game-based learning gets aspiring technicians into computer simulations of the working environments, places and tasks that they will encounter on the job. It is a no-risk, hands-on approach to learning that is faster, more fun, and gives kinesthetic learners the type of input they need to understand their trade.

Electude offers a host of online resources that are far superior to traditional teaching methods and classroom environments that ignore the need of visual and tactile learners. They also offer instructor training ‒ but they do not offer it exclusively ‒ as most other vocational schools do.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland adds, “we are excited to feature Electude on the show. Their innovative and revolutionary learning solutions address students various learning disciplines.”

With a variety of training modules made up of interactive demonstrations, video tutorials, simulations, as well as some more traditional types of materials, Electude ensures that students get everything they need to master important topics and achieve a comprehensive understanding of their trade.

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